THE OVERNEATH! is a laughter-and-tears inducing interactive

theater experience.

Show Synopsis:

There’s only one thing Marina has to do: open the heavy box she’s been carrying for millions of minutes, miles and footsteps. In all of that time, she had never looked inside… until now! But when Marina finds herself in a new and wonderful place, surrounded by a group of people, large and small, with whom she finally feels she can open it — her task becomes much more complicated than it initially appeared! Without her awareness, a guest moved in and took up residence inside the box! In a story of magical realism filled with discovery, magic, puppetry, and song, Marina comes to know the tricky nature of what the box holds — and the terrors and wonders of unabashedly facing the truth.

The 45 minute show is followed by two 75 minute workshops:

  • A Make Your Own BETES! session for children

  • A facilitated discussion for parents

    After the show trained facilitators hold an intimate conversation to unpack the experience of the show and offer practical take-aways for children and parents to continue playing with when back at home.



The program is designed for children and tweens ages 6 – 12 and caregivers.