We Create Transformative Theater Experiences That Open A Path to Healing

Our programs focus on the thoughts, feelings and emotions that people who live with chronic health conditions encounter on a daily basis.  We utilize the unique tools of the performing arts – such as puppetry, storytelling, and metaphor- to create artistic programming that shines a new light on people’s day-to-day experiences of chronic disease, allowing for individual discoveries and new realizations to emerge.

Trained facilitators, peers, and health care professionals facilitate the dialogue that surfaces after the artistic intervention in order to assist healthy and safe processing of the experience.

As one participant said, “Your programs, in just fifteen minutes, can put the pain you’ve been carrying around for 20 years into catharsis. You are literally breaking down the Great Wall that we’ve been building up our whole lives.” – F, 35

Our programs are delivered in diverse settings, ranging from community, medical, academic, to artistic and corporate settings.

To help people with chronic conditions form a flourishing relationship with their health through the performing arts

A creative community of individuals with chronic disease who feel whole. 

Theatrical performance provokes deep personal reflection and conversation, creating a caring, collaborative relationship amongst people with chronic illness and with their circle of loved ones and health care providers. This fosters understanding of the lived experience of illness for all. By embracing both joy and pain we achieve a more meaningful existence.

THE BETES™ Organization envisions a world where performing artists, patients, and the medical community, together, champion the healing of both mind and body, so that everyone has an opportunity to form a flourishing relationship with their health.

Executive Summary

In this first strategic plan, our overarching goal is to build the team, processes and financial support that we need to achieve our vision. As we prepare our 2020 strategic plan, we want to have:

  • Effective, evidence-based programming
  • A strong board and staff working intelligently and efficiently to achieve our mission
  • A diverse and reliable group of financial supporters
  • Meaningful partnerships that help us expand our capacity to achieve our mission
  • A reputation as a leader in using performing arts to deliver transformative health experiences

THE BETES will have created performance programming successfully delivered to a diverse range of audiences. These audiences vary by age, relationship to diabetes (living with diabetes, professional and lay caregivers), and setting (camps, conferences, schools, medical institutions, private and community events).

Our goal for 2020 is to lay the groundwork for successfully scaling the organization to serve additional chronic illness populations.