Dr. Kenneth Gorfinkle

Board Chair; 2016 - 2018

Ken Gorfinkle brings BETES his expertise as consulting psychologist for the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center in NYC for over 8 years.

As Assistant Clinical professor at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Dr. Gorfinkle has spent his diverse and long-ranging career caring for children, families and adults adjusting to chronic and acute medical conditions.

I first learned of the unique application of the performing arts for healthcare with my collaboration with the Big Apple Circus’ Clown Care Unit. When I saw how THE BETES was using theater to help patients process their experiences, I said “I’m in.”

David Edelman

Board Secretary; April 2016 - 2018

David provides his financial and strategic acumen to BETES. He is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and advocate with a passion for helping people live healthier, happier and more hopeful lives.

He is Co-Founder and CEO of Diabetes Daily.

“Though I don’t myself have diabetes, I have personally been impacted by THE BETES’ programs, which shows how flexible and unique this method is to working with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds.”

Daniele Hargenrader

Member, June 2016 - 2018

‘Daniele provides her expertise in emotional wellness, authentic community building, user experience-centric content creation, and digital marketing to THE BETES. 

She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1991, and after battling for over 8 years with a binge eating addiction, obesity, and clinical depression, has taken herself from obese and suffering with diabetes, to an athlete thriving with diabetes.

Daniele Hargenrader is the co-founder and President of Diabetes Dominator Coaching.

“As a health and wellness coach, I see on a daily basis how my clients struggle to express and understand the complexity of their emotional life. THE BETES programs are able to get to the very heart of the issue within minutes.”

Laura D. Wingate

Board Treasurer; Feb. 2015 - Aug 2016

Laura provides her expansive knowledge of the not-for-profit public health sector to BETES.

As the Vice President of Patient Experience of Chrohns and Colitis Foundation of America, Ms Wingate oversees all chapter and national education and support programming as well CCFA’s  professional education and advocacy programs.

“I have no question of the value and innovation of the performing arts in approaching health from such a unique perspective as THE BETES.”

Board of Advisors

Larry Hausner

Strategic Advisor

Donna Hill, J.D.

Legal and Strategic Advisor

Manny Hernandez

Financial and Health Industry Advisor


Susan Weiner, MS, RDN, CDE, CDN

Education and Health Industry Advisor



Arno K. Kumagai, M.D.

Medical Education Advisor

Dr. Mark Heyman

Program Advisor

Doris Ullendorff, LCSW

Program Advisor

Riva Greenberg

Health Advocacy Advisor

Fergus J Walsh

Artistic Advisor

Ray Woods

Marketing and UX Design Advisor

John Oldfield

Financial Advisor

BETES Family Ambassadors

Kim Kaar


Hulya Sakarya

New York

BETES Patient Ambassadors

Charity Ann Gormley


Rick Phillips, Ed.D


Sarah Vedomske


Aaron Phillips


Peter Orozco

New York