Hello blog world!  Welcome to THE BETES!  What this creature of an endeavor is will be revealed bit by bit, and part by part, through this blog and through the development of our organization.

So here we are. Thursday evening, 12 hours before my flight to Australia for the World Diabetes Congress

And I thought it would be appropriate to launch this blog with saying and expressing gratitude to my diabetes, my Betes.

Gratitude? for this life long thing I’ve had that causes so much ruckus?

Though I have had Type 1 diabetes for 25 years, it is only through the journey of this past year that my relationship to my health has completely shifted, and a deeper perception of the complex relationship between myself and Betes started to truly open up.

Since I was diagnosed at 2 years old, I’ve never known another way, so I have nothing to compare to.  But I believe I would be a radically different person if I did not grow up having diabetes.  I believe I am stronger, more attuned to my body, my senses, and have a deep and profound sense of the interplay of my own ecological system and that of the greater world because of my diabetes.  My emotional patterns have been shaped by Betes– (for better, and worse, and just so).  And though there are so many times that diabetes still brings me to tears… it has offered me a very unique and potent lens to understand our current ecological crisis, and how health intersects with the larger social sphere.  I am not my diabetes, but Betes has been a force in the shaping of my nature.

Complex? yeah, I’m figuring it out too, which is part of the impulse for the whole organization, as I believe I am not alone in this journey of evolution.

And as I take ownership of all parts of my self, I give this big part of me a big Thank You.


And I realized this connects to what I wrote on facebook earlier…

“I found myself tonight, bowing my head in gratitude to that life force that keeps pulsing through the pain, the sorrow, the hurt, to a place of beauty, joy and grace.

Thank You. Let us unite in care.”

“and don’t forget to pet your Betes” — the Betes.