In case you are wondering what we are doing:

we are creating a character out of diabetes: the ‘Betes.

((yes, the pictures on the site are an old ‘Betes. A “minimal viable product” ‘Betes, if you will. ‘Betes 2.0 is coming. And we’re excited for how its coming!))

Why are we creating a character?

so that we may be able to Talk to it.

And what is “it” ?

“It” is the diabetes: this invisible, ever-present condition that wages war inside our bodies daily.  And now, it is going to have a voice, a face, and a personality. So that we can tell it how we feel about it. And it can tell us how it feels about us.

Yes, we are proposing a dialogue with our illness.

Rather, it ALREADY has a personality, and a dialogue. Now it is going to have a body and a presence in this outer world and not just the world of our inner bodies.

Pictures to come. There is a very busy month ahead. Stay tuned.